AV Installation

Design, supply and install of lighting, video and audio systems

We can provide

  • Background music systems (BGMs)

  • Club and live sound systems

  • Stage and DJ lighting

  • Projectors and Screen systems

  • Digital Signage

  • HD TV’s and Display systems

  • CCTV Systems 

Our customers include Ezra & Gill Cafe, Rudy’s Pizza, Rustik Cafe, YES, Soup Kitchen, Night & Day Cafe, Band on the Wall,  Volta, Juan Sanchez Tapas Bar, Buxton Crescent and Spa, El Capo, all branches of Tampopo, Porter and Cole, The Drop Cafe and many more.


Systems can be fully purchased or leased with a regular maintenance service contract.

Planning & Design

Following a meeting with you and one of our Sales Engineers to fully understand your audio visual requirements, we will draft a proposal for you which will include a detailed quotation.

Audio System Design Planning

We carefully select the system components to match your requirements, taking into consideration reliability, ease of use/ maintenance and power consumption. Where applicable we will assess your existing electrical distribution network to ensure a healthy supply to your new AV equipment, free from service interruption. Once the proposals have been formulated our Engineer will discuss them with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you agree with our proposals and wish to proceed, we will send you a project plan outlining procurement, payment and installation time periods.


Our Engineers will provide you with an overview of how the installation shall be completed, after thorough testing and set up we shall train your staff on how the equipment shall be operated. During the installation period all our Engineers will use the appropriate PPE, working at height shall be in accordance with the HSE Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR). Operation & maintenance manuals shall be provided on completion of the project.

We carry the appropriate public liability insurance cover for all our installation work.

System Installation Contractors
Audio System Install
Audio System BGM Background Music System

Background systems to large scale live systems

Moving Light Chauvet Lighting Installation

Ambient Lighting to large stage lighting

Projector Video Screen Installation

Small office projectors to large LED walls

CCTV install CCTV installation Cameras DVR

Residential to large comercial systems





Lighting Installs




Once the installation is complete we can provide you with full maintenance support package to keep your AV equipment in the best condition it can be. Our maintenance activities include;

  • Lighting fixture cleaning and re-lamping

  • Lighting console programming and fixture personality updates

  • PAT testing and documentation

  • Equipment servicing & cleaning

  • Equipment repairs

  • Projector optical cleaning and re-lamping

  • Emergency call out service

Audio Systems


During our initial meeting we will assess what the sound system is to be used for, taking into account the space, SPL requirements, environmental considerations and your budget. We cater for the following sound system types;

  • Background music systems for bars, restaurants, pubs, shops, cafes and hotels.

  • Bar audio systems for bars with a busy night life and DJ's.

  • Venue / Club audio systems that include large or multiple speakers and subwoofers with  amplification and signal processing. 

  • Church sound systems using discrete multiple column speakers which blend into the environment.

  • Outdoor loudspeaker systems for venues such as sports grounds and wildlife parks.

  • Public announcement systems in gyms and leisure centres.

With background music systems it’s essential that sound is distributed evenly throughout the venue, to do this we ensure distribution of adequate small loudspeakers to avoid any audio deadspots. With retail or bar systems you may wish to consider splitting the sound system into controlled zones to allow you to adjust volume levels according to the usage of the space. We ensure correct amplifier selection according to sound system usage to avoid amplifier “clipping”.  Clipping occurs when an amplifier is overdriven, this causes distortion and will lead to eventual loudspeaker failure. Amplifiers and loudspeakers are selected from recognised major brands such as;

Void Acoustics, Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Cloud Electronics, Audac, Martin Audio, RCF and more

In addition to the above sound systems we also provide microphones, stands, mixing consoles, monitors, DJ equipment, signal cables and induction loop equipment.



During our initial meeting we will assess what the lighting system is to be used for, taking into account the space, lighting requirements, the existing electrical power supply, lighting rigging and as with any project, your budget. Where possible we will provide you with a low energy consuming LED type solution.

We know that lighting is an essential part of the live music scene, your artist on stage has to been seen during your event We know that long term installation of lighting systems in your venue will provide you with many benefits such as the following:

  • Customers will stay longer at a professionally illuminated venue.

  • If the customers stay longer, the venue will sell more food and drink.

  • Professional lighting will provide a memorable experience which means repeat business, bigger turnover.

  • When photographs are taken at live events, they look more dramatic which is good for the venue and artist, especially in an age where images are quickly uploaded to social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. (on the flip side how many times do you see artists under dim and uninspiring lighting at venues?).

Often lighting systems are overlooked by venues, possibly because then venue owners believe that such systems are expensive to install, operate and maintain, this is a misconception. With the use of low running cost led technology, lamps can last up to 50,000 hours, from an operational perspective we can pre program the systems to enable the customer to press programmed scene buttons. The installation cost are relatively low in comparison with venue sound systems, plus if they attract and retain customers they will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Led lighting technology can also be utilised on the exterior of a building to wash it in different colour schemes. Control can be via a simple desk, remote control or via a smartphone with an appropriate ethernet/ dmx interface. The above are just a few benefits from the installation of venue lighting.


Projectors, Screens & Video Equipment

We can provide all aspects of video equipment such projectors and screens to multiple TV's and video mixers and splitting systems. We select the correct projector and screen combination for your requirements, plus we will ensure that both the screen and projector are safely installed and operates in the correct manner. Wall boxes can be provided for various video/ data connection methods.

We can also install TV's for office conference rooms and meeting spaces with multiple connection methods such as wireless, HDMI and VGA, to accommodate all scenarios.


Installs can also include equipment such as video splitting systems to display multiple sources on different screens and projectors. Hollowsphere can also provide and install LED Walls for large venues and spaces. 

Projector Install Video Installation
Projector & Video Maintainance Installations Install

CCTV Systems


CCTV is one of the most useful tools against reducing crime like theft and vandalism. CCTV also helps to protect your home, public spaces, and businesses. The effects of CCTV are clear when installed in city centres like Manchester and London, from the falling crime statistics. CCTV Incident recordings can prove invaluable as evidence for a conviction and assisting with recovery of possessions.

Our CCTV installers can advise you on any CCTV issue or system. Following this our experts can install discreet or heavy duty cameras on private property, businesses or warehousing. We can supply fixed, or Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Our high quality modern cameras from Qvis can give you greater options in remotely viewing your property.


All CCTV cameras installed by Hollowsphere can record onto a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). These can simultaneously record and display current camera images on a split screen monitor.

All-in-one CCTV camera systems, you can help secure your home or property against any vandals or burglars. Our installers can also offer a large selection of realistic fake/dummy cameras to help deter any would be criminals. These can be added into a new or existing CCTV security system to give the appearance of better security coverage

Our professional systems can give visual and audio warnings if any camera detects motion. They will also automatically record images in zones where movement is detected. Whether your needs are an individual camera or a large fully networked CCTV system, Hollowsphere can provide that required service anywhere in the UK.

HD CCTV cameras Install installation
PTZ camera outdoor cctv indoor install installation

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