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Void Acoustics are a professional British audio systems manufacturer who design systems for club, commercial and touring environments. 

Void systems are known globally for their outstanding visual and acoustic designs and manufacturing, developing a series of audio solutions which includes power amplifiers, loudspeakers systems and accessories.

Void Air Motion V3
Void Stasys Xair Sub
Void Air Vantage

Incredible style and performance

Iconic styling and incredible performance is what is needed in any club environment. An example of this is the Air Motion which has become instantly recognisable as a Void-signature product, know for its unique appearance and exceptional sound quality. 

A dance floor heavyweight

Clubs need an exceptional bass experience for its customers and the Stasys Xair is the perfect match to do just that, it is a reliable, multipurpose low frequency enclosure, delivering high SPL levels (144db). The colour of the aluminium bracing can also be fully customised.

Void Cyclone Bass
Void Venue Range
Void Cyclone 55

Enhancing commercial spaces

Having the correct atmosphere, whether it be background or spectacular live performances is a huge part of any venue's success. It could be a small shop or a large outdoor stadium Hollowpshere can suggest the correct Void product from a large commercial range. Colours can be customised to any RAL colour to match any colour scheme. Other finishes include bare wood, matt and gloss paint.

Whatever the weather

The Cyclone range of elegantly sculpted loudspeakers use a marine-grade 316 stainless steel components and have a UV-stabilised finish to make sure every Cyclone loudspeaker is durable to the worst the weather can throw at it. 

Void Arcline 8
Void Arcline 218
Void Stasys 4

Functionality and performance

Suitable for use in concert halls, theatres, houses of worship and outdoor performance venues such as sports facilities and other large venues. The Arcline and Stasys range of loudspeakers are perfect for touring and temporary events.  

Versatile, portable, adaptable

The consistent sound intensity and linearity or Arcline ensures the entire audience with virtually identical sound wherever they stand. It's quick and easy rigging, flat frequency response and 110-degree horizontal coverage pattern and the need for fewer units that typically needed are some of the best things about Arcline especially when coupled with the  arrayable Arcline 218 which is optimised for large events but with a small footprint. 

Other subwoofers include: Arcline 212 (flyable) and Arcline 118

Void Bias D1 Amplifier
Void Bias Q2 Amplifier
Void Bias Q5 Amplifier


Powering the future

The Bias range of amplifiers offers exceptional reliability and an user friendly interface. Eco friendly to run, this gives impressively low operational costs and power consumption. 

Big power, small footprint

All Void Bias amplifiers are 1U in size and are available in four different models, these include two and four channel amplifiers. Each amplifier can be linked together via a network cable and can be controlled from the Armonia Pro Audio Suite from any Windows PC.

The model range is Bias Q5, Bias Q2, Bias Q1 and Bias D1