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Tune up with SYSTUNE

Ready for 4th July, we tuned the NOVA sound system we installed last year at #TheLongfordTap, Stretford Mall using our inhouse SYSTUNE software and measurement mic to make careful equalisation adjustments to the DSP amplifier.

Running these tests is subjective, as I noticed that certain frequencies can irritate my 57 year old ears, but not affect 26 year old engineer Alex and visa-versa. The end result is a happy medium in what we both accept, the SYSTUNE results and generally what agreeably sounds the best on all programme material.

The results of SYSTUNE have provide greater system clarity with increased bottom end, owner Paul Burgess is really please with the results.

We also managed to squeeze in a chip barm at the superb Kingfisher Chippy next door.

If you need an audio system overhaul, a SYSTUNE demo, tune up or installation call Hollowsphere AV on 01616367547

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